mercredi 11 septembre 2013

all about fashion and weddings...

...when wearing hideous orthopedic shoes !!!

Hello readers (if there's any ?),

Today it's gonna be all written in english, if you please... i decided so and mainly because there's not much to say about my situation :
Wedding + broken toes (well still not seal with bones yet - does that sound english?) = to wear orthopedic shoes with my lovely dress !

Worse match ever but i don't want to end up with dodgy toes ...

Here is to cheer me up - well i'm a good minded girl, you know, optimistic and all !

Have a nice evening you guys !


3 commentaires:

  1. You might just set a trend. It would just take lady Gaga to see photos of the wedding on facebook and falling in love with your amazing fashion sense.

    1. It must then come in "leopard patterned fabric" too ! Have a nice euh evening (?) in Japan... Signé "inetsoumi" again !!

  2. That's exactly it ! i will call it the fairy bear feet style ! does that sound good enough ? Signé Claire "inetsoumi" (?) !